Remove reservations after 12th standard

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In the past, i agree that the brahmins dominated the society and always had their way and this left the minorities in a huge disadvantage to excel in life and this is why reservations ha to be made, so that the minorities too get an equal opportunity. But nowadays all that we see around us is people taking disadvantage of this reservations, a huge chunk of available seats in all of the topmost universities and government jobs are being taken away from the eligible and is being reserved for minorities who at many a times aren't even half as good. Look i am not saying that the minorities aren't capable of doing anything, there has always been instances of someone coming from the humblest of background and making the biggest of change. Instead all that i ask is that seats shouldn't be reserved for the minorities after the 12th standard, just because they are born that way, let them earn their admission and okay once they get their admission, you may allow them to even study for free, none of us mind, but first atleast make sure that they have earned that seat. Let them stand at ground zero with all of us, like it should be in a democratic country where all are equal and just don't punish us general category for being born this way, because trust me that is pretty much the definition of discrimination.

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