Paint the front wall of the classrooms at SHS to promote learning

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We, the undersigned, support the painting of classroom walls at Souhegan to enhance learning. The current wall colors are a drab beige, which is quite boring and lackluster. These colors make the rooms all feel repetitive, since they all are the same color. By adding a colored wall to the classrooms, it would create a more exciting feel to the classrooms.

The dingy beige color does not enhance the ability to learn. Other colors, such as green or blue have been shown to enhance learning and the student’s desire to learn.  According to "Coloring the Classroom." School Planning & Management, a website that gives updates and advice on schools, greens and blues seem to enhance the ability to concentrate. Also, greens and blues are better for older kids because, according to "PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOUR IN THE EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT." Color Objects, a website that gives advice on interior design, it calms students and faculty and helps support studying. The strange wall colors are not benefiting students at all.

Other schools have painted their walls colors and their teachers have enjoyed their outcomes. Other schools have had superb results in their wall colorings. An eighth grade social studies teacher at Amherst Middle School, who painted their room, said that even if the blue wall didn’t calm their students down, it at least calms themself down. Teachers have seen extraordinary end results from the painting of the wall and we should as well.