School Pants for female students at Alkira Secondary College

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The students at Alkira Secondary College have been deprived of pants for females and with winter approaching the students wish to have a winter uniform that will protect them from the harsh winter in Melbourne. In saying this however we wish to have school pants that will compliment the school uniform in a similar way to the school skirt in navy or black. We are suffering in the cold climate and simply are wishing to stay warm, is that too much to ask? 

The uniform policy that is published on the Alkira Secondary college website states that there will be a review of the uniform as part of the three year cycle and it was last reviewed in June 2016. This means that this upcoming academic year there will be a review of our uniform and we as students request that females have the option to wear female pants. 

You may say that the uniform guidelines states that in winter girls may wear "girls khaki trousers" however, In the uniform price list there are no female trousers. There isn't even a unisex option for pants. If females wish to wear pants, they must wear male pants. This does not "...promote equality amongst all students." or "...maintain and enhance the positive image of the College in the community." This shows that our school is not progressing with society. 

The education guidelines state that  "Schools and school councils are expected to develop, as far as practicable, dress code requirements that are similar for both sexes." Female students should not be expected to wear male pants to school. This does not promote comfort or equality.

Adding fitted navy girls pants to the female uniform will add sophistication to the uniform. Many complaints are made by school council and teachers when students modify their uniform to make it more unique and express themselves. There is very little that can be done to modify pants with the exception of basic alterations. Navy is very complimentary to a navy jumper and jacket, and will enhance the image of our school. 

Wearing pants will not only keep students warm and protected from the harsh Melbourne weather, add sophistication to our uniform  and promote equality within our school, it will invoke pride within our female students. It will create a statement that our school promotes equality and is the forward thinking school we promote ourselves to be. 


(the boys would like their pants to be changed from khaki to navy as it looks more sophisticated.)