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I want everyone to see the importance of balance, life and love on earth for all

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It's clear to see the suffering of so many animals. It's clear that we ignore and turn our backs on animals because they cannot speak words as we can. These things are clear. But do you believe that it is ok to kill for fun without regard for the life being taken? Have you thought about our food chain and the balance? Did you ever consider the ripple effect? Will there be a world for our children, a world that we were so lucky to experience before evil could do as much damage as it does now? 

Excuse my language but we rape mother earth everyday by removing her forest 1000s of trees at a time. We steal her children daily without regard. How do we kill 25,000 elephants a year and it takes them so long to become mature to create life? We are taking more than they can give. I dread the day mother earth stops caring or gives up and fights back with brutal force to harm all. The day she realizes that a sacrifice must be made and that just like us her bills need to be paid.

Think carefully. So today lets stand up for these elephants but not just for them, lets stand up for life. Saving some elephants may seem pointless but one life saved makes our world a better place. If it was your life, wouldn't you want it to be saved? 

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