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You may lose your seat if we can't afford or are denied healthcare.

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If representatives and senators support any healthcare initiative that puts individuals with pre-existing conditions in a separate, high cost pool, allows insurance providers to discriminate against individuals with pre-existing conditions in any way including pregnancy, mental health and chemical health treatment, eliminates coverage for basic and pre-natal care or increases rates for the poor and elderly, your seat will be seriously at risk in the next election.

We need comprehensive, affordable healthcare coverage for ALL Americans.  Anything other than that impacts our country in a multitude of ways including job loss, financial ruin because of an unexpected illness, declining quality of care as healthcare systems are forced to cut staff because of diminished re-imubursement and patients getting sicker and costlier to treat because they don't get preventative care.

I am a Minnesotan and an ovarian cancer survivor and a mother of a daughter serving our country. I am not a bad person because I had cancer. I didn't get cancer because I didn't exercise or treated my body poorly, quite the contrary. Foregoing a latte will not begin to touch the healthcare costs I have experienced over the past two years. People who get sick don't deserve to be punished financially or make decisions that cost them their life.  I am a healthcare professional, entrepreneur and patient advocate and my health care costs are already so high that I choose to stretch out my quarterly tests for recurrence to twice a year and I am not alone.  Healthcare is too expensive but the solution is not to put those of us who have had a health issue in a separate group because that group will grow and grow and grow.  Anyone can get an unexpected illness at any moment and find themselves in a position of fighting for their life or the life of a loved one.  Nobody in America should choose between death and bankruptcy when they get sick.

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