Make Carlingford Library Great Again!

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Above is an image of what the beautiful ex-library used to look like. The current Library state is so devastating; I can't bring myself to look at it, let alone upload it.

The unwise decision to make Carlingford library a Parramatta City Council library has taken place. It has made the library's facilities worse. Ugly stickers vandalising the books, ineffective library system, having to change library cards and more. Now this would be okay if the community was also presented with new rubbish bins but no. Thanks to this change, the community who use this library have had many inconveniences. Not to mention the library's exterior is no longer colour coordinated but just ugly. Who puts pink and orange together? If you are to make the sign pink, at least make the roof pink aswell. Or choose a better colour to represent you council, like, i don't know... Orange? Touchscreen computers, touchscreens, the invention of the late 2000s have been replaced with ancient prehistoric devices. Traumatising. That's right, there are these horrible terrors known as...i don't know. Normal computers? Not to mention the rearrangement of the library has confused numerous library goers. The change in the library and the 'downgradement' has led many regular Carlingford library users to have to find more inconvenient alternatives. What used to be a comfortable and relaxing space has now been made tense by the contrasting colours of the exterior, tainting the entire library experience.  What used to be a quality library has now been infested by library staff who regularly sigh, as you ask them to help you borrow without a library card, only to have the disappointing reply, "You can only do this once a year." Well it is quite certain that you can do this more than once a year with the Hills Shire. 

One ex-library user stated " I don't enjoy the atmosphere there anymore. I mean, the staff aren't as willing to help, the books just seem to be of lesser quality and the colours... Don't get me started on the colours."

Another said " I like cheese."

One of the most disappointed said "Did yu know that Koalas have a 2 metre long caecum?"

Make Carlingford Library Great again.

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