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An 8-hour Meeting is NOT a Retreat

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ATTN: An 8-hour Meeting is NOT a Retreat.  

  • Brandon from work adds “Team Retreat” on Basecamp for your next To-do, which is actually a two-day, 10-hour meeting in another fucking city. Thanks Bran, you asshole.  
  • Amina from that awesome community group needs help planning a super exciting, one-day retreat! This retreat package includes a rented conference room, lunch from Saladelia and hammering through a 14 point agenda on a Saturday.


Retreats have now become synonymous with dreadful, long-ass meetings. What was once known as beach & beer time, vegging out in your underwear or getting in touch with your fuller human self— has been co-opted for the sake of debriefing long-ass meetings with more long-ass meetings. Whether it’s our job or that cool political project, everybody’s doing it: retreat meetings is the new “Black” or “Keurig.”

Thanks Obama.

We, the doodle poll generation, demand that all organizations CEASE & DESIST from calling meetings “retreats.” This shit is deceitful and must stop! 

Sign this NECESSARY-ass petition to reclaim what is rightfully ours! Fucking VACATION.  

#ThisAintARetreat #EndTheAbuse #RealRetreatsNow  


See Also:

rəˈtrēt/ noun
noun: retreat; plural noun: retreats
a quiet or hella lit place in which one can rest and relax; a period of seclusion for the purposes of prayer, play or meditation. 

noun: long-ass-meeting; plural noun: RIP whole damn day
A meeting that requires a 30min lunch and two 15min breaks; a meeting equivalent or longer than an 8-hour work day.

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