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I feel the system for college and university studies is a little too harsh. The reason I feel this is because if we make a mistake once, we get kicked out of college for a long period of time. In my opinion, the punishment should for a less amount of time, and if the mistake is repeated, you shouldn't kick students out and never allow them back in the institute! The policies should honestly be changed. Just because students fail a class or two, should not allow college/university to make the decision of not allowing you to continue your studies. Everyone has the right to education. This isn't high school. These rules should have been in high school. Highschool lets us off easy and does not prepare us for the real world. We should be getting the right to be educated even if we fail. Everyone fails! It's a part of life. Without failure, there is no success. You shouldn't limit the amount of education a student shall be able to receive. We all have rights! We are allowed to fight for them, so I am asking you all to help me fight for my right.

I am a college student, and I am currently struggling with this situation. My college has thrown me out for 8 month time period, which I feel is ridiculous. I understand that I didn't do well, but it's honestly really dumb that I don't get the right to be educated for 8 months. That's harsh. And if I repeat the mistake, they'll kick me out for good. Honestly, how do you expect us students to get anywhere? You, teachers, tell us that "we want whats best for you. We want you to be successful. It's okay if you fail sometimes just get back up and try again." How do we try again when you threw us out?

When children learn to walk for the first time, they fall a hundred times, make a hundred mistakes and still get back up. However, if you don't allow us to make the mistakes and get back up, and allow us to follow our pathway to success, how do you expect us to be successful.

As a student I ask you, parents and students, how can I or anyone be successful when universities and colleges have such harsh policies for students? How do you expect them to be able to pursue their dreams if they don't fail sometimes? No one said life would be easy, but without the mistakes and failures, we can't be successful. I feel the only way we can follow our pathway is if the universities and colleges make their policies a little less harsh! Please help spread the word. 

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