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You Have Less than 24 Hours to Be a Part of Education Reform for the Hindu American Community

The Texas Education and Knowledge Skills (TEKS) dictate what publishers are required to include in textbooks; what Texas public school teachers are required to teach their students; and most importantly, what knowledge Texas school children will receive and carry throughout their lives as contributing citizens of the not only the state of Texas, but of the world.  Last year, the Texas Board of Education (BOE) started its process for adopting TEKS for Social Science, World History and World Geography, three areas in which Ancient India and Hinduism are covered.

The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) has been actively monitoring and participating in the process thus far and is now turning to you as a Texas HAF member to do your part (  While the current proposed TEKS do not provide much detail as to how Hinduism and Ancient India will be presented, there are amendments at this juncture in which HAF's Education Team believe we can make a difference in improving the quality of education for Texas school children.  

The deadline is 5 pm TOMORROW -- Tuesday, March 9, 2010, so send the petition letter provided and get your friends and family in Texas to do the same!

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