Get RajjHajj back to Guard and repercussions for the Senior.

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I have been demoted for mentioning a Seniors grammar. His grammar was not good at all and was not a standard and of the people involved in the Foundation would use. So I mentioned the Seniors grammar, he then said "rajjhajj you have to use pts too" I then said "PTS" he said "denied" after about a minute and a half I said "PTS" again, He then again says "denied" and accuses me of "spamming pts, I the got 100 GJ's. If you think this Senior has done something wrong here, please sign. We should make a stand against people who abuse their power. 

After he has been approached by at least 2 different SD members (Who should look up to him) about his grammar he does not change it. He also gave the excuse "its not my first language". He can spell perfectly however he does not use the simple grammar like caps and periods.