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The Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) is marking its 30th anniversary this year with ‘DAS30 – Embracing Dyslexia for 30 years’. The heart of DAS30 is ‘EMBRACE DYSLEXIA’ a movement launched by DAS in 2014 to debunk common misconceptions about dyslexia, encouraging people with dyslexia to embrace their learning differences and to call organisations to take greater action in supporting the dyslexia communities around the world!

We call on you to support our cause, EMBRACE DYSLEXIA, and sign this petition to show the dyslexia community that you care and are willing to be inclusive and supportive of them.

10% of Singaporeans will have dyslexia. Of that, 4% or one child in every classroom, will have dyslexia severe enough that if they do not receive specialist support, they will fail in our education system. And falling behind their peers may mean they never catch up and reach their full potential.

DAS provides MORE than $1 MILLION in bursaries every year and this figure is rising. In 2020, more than 50% of DAS families required bursaries to access our services. Without support from the generous people and organisations of Singapore, this support would not be possible.

Donations received will go directly to the bursary fund for low-income families to access our services. DONATE TO EDUCATE!