It's Our Wild Nature: Oppose Eminent Domain

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The City plans to bulldoze through the heart of 37 acres of private property owned by the local citizen-led non-profit group, It's Our Wild Nature.  I, a resident of Columbia, MO, strongly oppose the City of Columbia's use of eminent domain (a governmental body using some else's land) and demanding an 80 foot-wide construction easement.

Even though the public currently has access to this Sanctuary via grass walking paths, the City wants to install 3 pre-fabricated steel bridges and pave over the natural setting with a massive 6 inch deep and 10-foot-wide concrete trail for bikes.

We, the undersigned, call on the City Council to stop the current plan that would cause irreparable harm to the wetlands, wildlife and an untold number of mature, healthy trees in this Certified Wilderness Sanctuary.