Cancel, and unair on Netflix, 13 Reasons Why.

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As a teen today struggling with mental health issues and most of the serious issues portrayed in 13 Reasons Why, it’s highly inaccurate and graphic. Especially for its target audience. After recovery, and the struggling of relapse almost every day, it’s difficult to hear about how ‘amazing’ and ‘upsetting’ the show is. It romanticises revenge suicide for everyone who wronged her, and puts ideas in little kids to do the same. It also inaccurately represents the overall symptoms of depression, and inaccurately represents how schools handle rape claims and depression. It’s all about the shock factor than it is about raising awareness.

This show would be much better off-air and cancelled. It would help everyone including me who has been through, or is going through, similar experiences as it is extremely triggering. Please, for the sake of mental health and suicide awareness, sign this petition and get this show cancelled and off-air. Thank you.