You can still pray with no noise - respect other people

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  • Canada's laws express the values and beliefs of Canadian society. They aim to protect individuals and provide stability for society as a whole. They also aim to make sure there is a peaceful way

A person’s rights and freedoms are very important to Canadians. All Canadians have some important freedoms. In Canada, you can:

speak freely,
believe in any religion or no religion,

And the most important point is:

Equality is one of the most important values in Canada. Everyone in Canada is equal under the law. Laws in Canada apply to all people, including the police, judges, and those who work for the government.

A decision of noise exemption, will violate the rule of equity

Diversity is a major characteristic in Canada, people with different religions  and people with no religion, should not be forced to hear prayers that they don’t believe in

people have the right to pray but they don’t have the right to oblige other people to hear their prayers.