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The American Heart Association is part of a coalition that is seeking passage of a comprehensive state law that would prohibit smoking in indoor workplaces and indoor public places. But we need your help!

More than 30 Kentucky communities have already passed smoke-free laws with some level of protection, but we know that there is NO safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke and that citizens in every Kentucky community deserve to breathe smoke-free air where they live, work and play.

Raise your voice to help make Kentucky the next smoke-free state! Send a quick message to your lawmakers urging their support for passage of a bill in the next legislative session to make Kentucky smoke-free!

Letter to
Kentucky State House
Kentucky State Senate
I am writing to ask for your support for a smoke-free Kentucky. This important step would ensure that all Kentuckians are protected from secondhand smoke at work and in public places.

The scientific evidence is clear. Secondhand smoke is a serious health hazard that causes heart disease, lung cancer and other chronic illnesses. As smoke-free laws have spread, the evidence has also grown that these laws protect public health without harming business in bars, restaurants and other hospitality venues. Nearly half of our states have already taken this important step to protect their citizens, and in all cases, found that it does not hurt business because smoke-free laws are extremely popular with the public.

As your constituent, I hope that you'll take the time to learn about the dangers of secondhand smoke and recognize that it’s time for a Smoke-Free Kentucky!

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