To give equal respect to all the people from different class

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My name is Adrija Ray and I am from WestBengal . Today I and my father were travelling by the Patadik Express train  for Kolkata which is scheduled to arrive at Sealdah station near about 6:40 AM though it was 1 hr 30 mins late. Near about 5:10 AM I saw a man ; a poor man and his wife entered to the sleeper coach accidentally. The TT asked for their ticket while they were entering and found they had the general booked  tickets. The TT was behemently shouting at them and  also threw fine for their mistake which according to me was considerable but thats not the end ; he went to the extreme . He was continuously throwing  cusswords at  them and told to stand beside near the gate . Is it because they are poor and do not belong to his class or rather the so called created class of our so called society? I was looking into their eyes, how humiliating  they were feeling but couldn't utter a single word instead of apologizing and begging for not putting the fine. No one in the world has the right to humiliate or underestimate any people or any section of people. I want to file a complaint against the  TT for the atrocity and  misbehaviour . And also appeal to the Supreme court and our Indian Govt. to take immediate steps  for all the govt. and non govt. staffs if found with any kind of  misbehaviour or showing disdain towards the poor class and the other.