OUTRAGEOUS RATE HIKES, if we do nothing nothing changes. Together we stand, you have power

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South Gippsland Shire Council rate rises are yet again out of control and will continue to be so unless we as a community stand united and do something about it. 

Recently a council officer was asked to ascertain whether the council opted in with most councils to allow the state government to do the land valuations. he stated that they (the councilors) have two years to change over and for now they are doing there own in house land valuations. Can you smell a dead rat ?  I personally have been able to prove South Gippsland Shire Council valuation of my home was $35,000 over valued and so they had to adjust their valuation down. How many other homes have council over valued and who polices them. 

People are struggling to find the extra rate money this council demands leaving some in financial hardship, perhaps even considering having to see their home.

Join us, stand together as a community, you are more powerful than you know.