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Justice for Zamori

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  My name is Lakresha Wright I fighting for justice for my son.  My oldest son name is Za'mori Nyzaire Wright amd he was killed by my ex boyfriend. I am asking for a moment of your time and a open mind. I fight daily to get through my days and top fight for my son who no longer has a voice. Please help me to be my son's voice.. My son was six at the time of his death and had gotten into trouble at school like many children do. Mr. Ditto ( my Ex decided to take matters into his own hands without my permission and punish my son). 
He  watched my children on days that I had to work , we all live together at the time as a family so I thought. I last seen my son 3:30pm 01/17/17  at school and that was my last time . I never had a single thought that  that It would have been my last time I would see  him alive.
The details as to what exactly happened is currently unclear in this case . Due to the fact that the case is currently still open. 
After speaking to Mr. Ditto he stated "he was upset and jacked him up " as stated in a letter that I received shortly after my son's funeral in February.The letter was very vague yet placed not one else responsible. Neither does police statements from Mr, Ditto or my youngest child who was in the home at the time of this traumatic incident.
  In this letter Mr, Ditto stated very unsettling things like:   
Asking for My hand in marriage. , as though it was a simple fix or replacement for my son's life .
He further suggested to have children providing names for these " children" .
He never directly showed remorse.
he never showed any signs of awareness outside of simply trying to escape the consequences of his actions.
I am disguised at the behavior and I am in  need of gaining  better confidence in our justices system. These are some reasons why:
At a point in this on going case he had file motion to get home incarceration, the judge ruled that he come up with 50,000 dollars in order to be granted Home incarceration . Wait a minute pause I would give anything in this world to see my son  in a monitor for one or two  15 sessions once a week. It I came up with 50,000 dollars I couldn't bring my son back. 
This is not a case of not knowing who did it he was the last to see my son before he injured him causing his death. 
He described a vaguely shaking my son nose to nose like he was a "grown man " , yet never disclosing many other details that may help understand or conclude how my son died five days later of a enclosed brain injury.
Medically asking out of concern this is nothing my son or his five year brother whom was also at the home, when this injury occurred,  could it  have possibly caused any other way. All answered from the hospital concluded the answer was no.
At no point in this case there was never a question of are there any other person(s) of interest  who would be responsible for my sons death. He has give a " statement of involvement.   The beginning of the relationship I had access to first middle and last name to have no information on pass cases involving Mr. Ditto , Google and Bing being my sources of search to never find anything prior before this incident. After media and Law enforcement began their investigations ,  to later appear  on local and other news sources.  Footage of one prior case(s) . Leaving me a mother of two boys at the time without any options as to knowledge of  prior information on who I was embarking on a relationship with and whom I was letting into our lives. There were no signs that he would or could be a monstrous, or Anger person to the point where I would be fearful of my own or my children's lives.

  January 17th was the day that all changed for me , my family , close friends, people in this community , people he has touched in passing , his school, his friends , his teachers, and family friends and  many in the community in Hollis Queens, New York that Became his home for many summers of his young life, that was snatches from him .  Everyone's lives that Za'mori affected forever, leaving us in a rather unsettling state of how, and why to possible never get those answers. Answers that would never be good enough that would soothe the horrific reality of the fact the he is no longer here.  Forcing many of us to fight for the strength and understanding ,as to why live needs to continue without him. I  never had the proper knowledge as to how to obtain information other then the internet to gain information on his other case. if my search using his birth name that was never changed I would have knew that Mr. Ditto was to never been trusted with my own life , or the precious lives of my children .  I want to  be clear I never went downtown to pay for a copy automatically assuming that public information with be right at my finger tips as it should have been.   From this I would like to accomplish Za'mori Law
every case sealed , past, current to be a state developed site to allow with the proper information first name , last and middle name. birthdate , ( with the ability to see a mug shot). anything that can ensure  the person is correct,  there is not mistaken identity. 

   Any case that is cut and dry meaning there is a criminal  1st time or not that says yes I didn't it or gives a statement of "involvement" , whether they have prior history or not. You hurt or killed someone does not get the option of home incarceration ever. Regardless of their bank account.

  There is an automatic no contact order for the victim and his or her family of the victim (s). MR. Ditto contacted me via phone , as well as by mail.
If a criminal gets over 20 years he or she does not get a pass or automatic visit to the probation board at 20 years, (Louisville, KY). Unaware of the law in other cities in state ( unsure if by state this is modified or needs to be modified). 
Ladies and gentle please help me make a statement and get justice for my son who deserves to be here with friends and family. He is sitting in a glass enclosed case in a wooden box because of decisions Mr. Ditto made on January 17th, 2017.

   My family suffers daily holidays , birthday, simply just day to day, since January's case of events I have to find words to explain to my now six why his brother can no longer be here to play, or talk or take a walk, play tent with flashlights, or even go to McDonald's for a bite to eat, birthday parties or any gatherings no matter how much he misses his brother. I have to repeatedly have my heart broken having these conversations almost daily. I am crushed when my six year son blames himself, knowing in my adult mind it should never be a option to consider saving anyone from this type of situation. This quickly became a reminder that we live in a imperfect world. Left with questions being in answered and clearly nothing in my mind would justify why I can't wake up to my boys that I birthed with smiles, sweet kisses, and hugs, Funny conversations daily. Nothing could ever break the bond of me and my children. The became my motivation and reasons to be a better me to live life regardless. So here I am today a broken women. I suffer from P.T.S.D I suffer from deep depression, frequent anxiety attacks, and heavy episodes of Disassociation unable to work slowly watching my life fall apart as, Mr. Ditto and his lawyer drags this out in court wasting the courts time requesting record to formulate a case that is completely irrelevant to why he killed my son. Soaking and Grieve as I come to grips with the reality. I never seems to get any better. Please help me Get justice.

# Justice for Zamori Nyzaire' Wright
Justice wear can be purchased by searching Legacy clothing line on Facebook ( for Justice for Za'mori tee shirts for adults kids , and babies)
To follow and gain more information on the case search: Darell Ditto jr on youtube to see the footage released by the news,  and you can google local news channels for Louisville ,KY such as  whas11, fox 41 just to list a few.
Justice for Zamori Wright  03-21-2010 * 01-23-2017.
Za'mori Mommy  loves you til My last breath Baby. 

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