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Our school is a small village school containing roughly 300 students, all wanting changes to the school. Here are just a few changes we want to see:

  • The current year 10's get told off for even a speck of makeup on their face, even though they're a year younger than the year 11's, who actually are aloud to wear it. We think this should change. Year 10's should be allowed to wear makeup as well.
  • Phones should stay on us all day, not to play on in lesson, but at break and lunch however. If we are caught in lesson with them, then teachers can take them off us, but if there's family emergencies, it's much easier and faster calling us than taking it through the office to then be passed on to us.
  • Jackets under our blazers in cold weather, as long as they're plain black.
  • Every Friday is non-school uniform, but we all have to donate some money from 50p-£1 to help raise money for the school and new resources, as students knick teachers pens and pencils.
  • The toilets. The girls toilets hardly ever have soap in the pot things, their is no toilet seat in one of the cubicles, the toilets hardly have any tissue in and there is no mirror anymore. I've never seen the boys toilets, but I've heard that there is only 1 door in there. The students can help use the toilet roll sparingly, and be careful with the toilet seats and the doors, but this could be helpful. 
  • Make sure the teachers are more focused on us and our education than on our uniform, which has no actual effect in us or our learning.

If we come up with more ideas to make our school better, this post will be updated. Please share with everyone at our school, and sign this petition. Thank you :)

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