Fake result by cetking - a coaching for mba entrance exam

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********Real face of cetking Exposed*******

I could have opted to remain silent and it would have made me rich too but my values don't allow me to do this. I want to bring out the truth in front of you so that you don’t waste your parent’s hard earned money and your precious time… and may be your entire life… I know the consequences too that might happen to me after I post this and you guys will be able to figure out who will be behind all this.

What I am going to talk about, needs a lot of courage.

This post will shock you, as it shocked me when I heard today that Rav Singh CETKING is using my name to misguide students.

I got AIR 1 in CMAT 2017 and was fortunate enough to get into JBIMS, Mumbai. Before joining this prestigious institute, I DIDN'T TAKE ANY COACHING to prepare for my mba entrance examination CMAT. All I did was burning the mid night oil. Those sleepless nights, infinite number of sacrifises and I believe that the god has been kind to me to get AIR 1 in my first attempt.
After CMAT result I came to know Rao Singh.

He asked me to take MAH-CET and invited me to his 1 day workshop in pune. I went there for a day. Just for a day.(And I HAD HAD NO HELP FROM THAT ONE DAY WORKSHOP)

and Now Rav Singh says that he will get the affidavit from court and prove I am his student of CMAT. Wow what a shame.

This fellow and the cetking has been in conspiracy since a long time because of results.

what All I have to say is that if you go there for 1 day then another person uses your name to run his business not because of the reason he helped me but because of the reason he couldn't give that result what he supposed to give. What an achiever !!

And it didn't happen for the first time. If you dig into internet a number of things are there behind this.

On the very first day I met RAV Singh, I told him that I was not “Saleable”. When I came to know that he had been misguiding students saying that I was his student and I got AIR 1, I thought to share this with all the aspirants.


I took NO HELP FROM HIM IN ANY WAYS TO PREPARE for CMAT, I haven't even heard about it before.
It is just a beginning of story. When I retrospect I realize what all had happened behind me. He is using my photo and writing name as Suhas instead of Saras so that anyone could not claim it that Saras didn’t take coaching. Moreover we were in touch through whatsapp but he blocked me from his facebook group name – target jbims dream team, so that I couldn't come to know how was he using my name.

Yesterday when I talked to him about all of it he told he had no idea that he used my name and it was a printing mistake. A big liar. I found it in one of his posters too where my name and photo was there… Wow! Great..

Another person Ketan from cetking kept on texting me on whatsapp to share my scorecard so that he could make students fool that I was CETKING students.

Folks, there is big game going on by cetking to trap you in. If you join them once they think you are under them.
I know I will be blocked from everywhere after this post and a lot of manipulation will be made to proof they were right.

They are many and I am alone. Why am I exposing him- I don't want any one to spoil his career in false hopes.
I have all the screenshots which I will be posting if I am not blocked whose Probability is very less.
Cowards block people.

It is all upto you guys. All is in front of you and you are brave and wise enough to take the decision what to choose and what not. I wish you all the best for the upcoming exams you are going to take. May your result make your parents feel proud of you. Stay healthy, stay happy and most importantly be yourself.