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Please hire Bluepoint Games for an HD remake collection of TR 1-5 (plus PC expansions)

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UPDATE: 22/03/18 Please read only this update, the rest of the letter is from a previous version

Dear Mr. Yosuke Matsuda, CEO of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd

We the fans would like to request with this petition an HD remake compilation in charge of Bluepoint Games. After the stunning work done on the HD remake of Shadow of the Colossus, and especially the amount of projects Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are working on, we believe this is a great opportunity to revive the original games created by Core Design with a greater level of detail, and also to include the PC expansions: TR : Unfinished Business, TR : The Golden Mask, TR : the Lost Artifact and TR . The Times Exclusive Level.

This is a list of suggestions for such project suggested by fans:

And for the 3D model of Lara Croft, I would like the suggest going for a more detailed version of the original design created by Core Design, there is an example above this letter (which features a model created by a fan)


Please consider greenlighting such project

Yours faithfully

Marina Ruiz



Dear Mr. Yosuke Matsuda, CEO of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd

As a fan of the Tomb Raider games made by Core Design, I am addresing you in order to make the following proposal in regards to these titles in the franchise:

Realtech VR, the company who worked in the iOS ports of Tomb Raider I & II, announced they were looking into the demand for PC & Xbox One ports of the aforementioned games. As Tomb Raider III, IV and V (and their PC expansions The Lost Artifact and The Times Exclusive level) currently have not been ported, and Realtech VR is looking for the source code of those games and their PC expansions, the idea I want to propose is to collaborate with the creator of OpenTomb, Xproger. Why? This could be a quick solution to the issue, as the creator of that engine is planning to port all the PSone era Tomb Raider games

Moreover, the games could achieve a level of graphical detail similar to Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy's. And players could choose between the original / classic version of each game / PC expansion (with the option of playing at 60 fps) and the new one. I would also like to suggest taking a look at the remastering method of FMVs used by the Reddit user LeonDeka for the original cutscenes.

The music of TR 1 - TR 3 remastered for the Tomb Raider Suite album by the original composer (Nathan McCree) could be implemented in the games. This would give them a breath of fresh air. Another idea could be adding a gallery with all the promotional / character renders created by Core Design, which would be surely a welcome addition.

Lastly, please consider asking for permission to dinne, the ''tombraiderforums'' user who created the 3D model shown above this petition, in order to make use of his / her model for this HD remake project. He / she has done a exhaustive job to faithfully recreate the original Lara Croft's facial features while at the same time he / she has managed to make a realistic portrayal of her.

I am fully aware this is a risky decision to make, therefore I would like to offer the idea of starting a Patreon to see the interest in the project and allowing the participation of fans in the HD remakes by offering new gameplay ideas. The global community of Tomb Raider has proven itself to be a very talented one, with projects such as Tomb Raider : The Dagger of Xian by Nicobass and TR : The Adventures of Lara Croft by Heckler, both of which are remakes of TR 2 and TR 3. Please think carefully about the positive impact such project could have for both the franchise and your company

We, the fans of Core Design’s Tomb Raider titles, are looking forward to your response.

Yours truly

Marina Ruiz

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