Please make the HunterXHunter anime return.

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The popular anime “HunterXHunter” has been on hiatus for over 5 years. This anime is loved by many and lots of people want it to return. The manga adaptation of HunterXHunter is now far ahead of the anime. This means that the anime has the story to tell and all that needs to be done is the animation. However once the anime is caught up it will have to be paused again though. This is because of the health conditions of the author, Yoshihiro Togashi. He has health problems that prevent him from writing more chapters of manga. So, this petition is also one to make sure the HunterXHunter story is passed down to another author so that fans all around the world can keep enjoying this epic anime. Also, we all hope hope you get better Yoshihiro Togashi. Stay strong.