Nintendo should include a printed manual with the new Super Smash Bros. Switch.

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I decided to start this petition in the name of both myself and thousands of members of the gaming community and enthusiasts of the Super Smash Bros. series. Many of us have started their journey with video games back in the years when Nintendo was just entering the video games market. Most of us associates their childhood experience of Nintendo games not only with marvelous, magical games that lasted in our memories forever, but also with the printed manuals, that we used to read thousand times, enjoying the fantastic artworks. That had the power to expand the world of video game within our minds even further than the game itself did.

Currently the things that were usually a part of the manual, right at our fingertips, are only released in collectors editions, in digital form or as a bonus when you buy retro game collection – accessible from the menu within the game. And while it may be considered a form of courtesy towards the players, it’s not possible for it to replace the smell of printed paper and the possibility to admire the gorgeous artworks in the comfort of your own bed.

Together with the release of the new Nintendo console, the Switch, we sadly noticed the trend of withdrawing the printed game manuals, which makes a huge part of the magic related to the purchase of the game to vanish just like that. Even the world famous productions such as Doom or Skyrim are missing this seemingly unimportant part, which makes them incomplete.

For all of those who signed this petition, the Super Smash Bros. series is an important part of the Nintendo culture and we do all believe, that the Nintendo Switch version of the game should have a printed manual attached to the box version, and that it should include treats such as brief description of heroes, wonderful artworks, description of attacks as well as other information that would surely be highly appreciated by the series’ enthusiasts.

We all hope that our suggestion will be considered by Nintendo and we will be able to experience the magic of printed manual, kept in our memories, once again.