York University must reduce tuition fees since all classes moved online

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        We are requesting York University, through this petition, to reduce tuition fees, as the COVID-19 pandemic has immensely impacted students, mentally and economically. Since all classes have been moved online, it would be greatly appreciated if York University considers our request due to the following reasons:

- Quality of some of the online courses. Since students are taking courses online this summer and some of them have to in order to graduate, there is no doubt that online learning would come with much less quality than regular in-class learning. The same is true with expenses the university incurs when classes moved online vs. regular in-class learning.

- Some students are not able to work, as most jobs are shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Paying the same amount of money for online classes as we do for regular classes amidst this pandemic would certainly bring a great deal of economic burden on some students.

        We, York University students, believe that on the basis of the above-mentioned reasons, it would only be considered fair if York University plays its part during these difficult times and reduce the tuition fees (for summer 2020 and possibly Fall 2020) to a reasonable amount.