Remove sexual predator Professor Nicolae Stefan Pop from York University

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On Thursday, January 16th, York University Professor Nicolae Stefan Pop groped a young woman between the ages of 16-18 on the TTC subway line 1. The incident occurred around 10am on a relatively empty subway train.

An Instagram post, originally posted by @inked_mamii, regarding the incident has since gone viral, with many reposts on various social media platforms.

The post includes a discreet photograph of the man who groped the young woman with the caption describing the incident. Instgram user @inked_mamii explains that the girl approached her on the subway in tears explaining what happened. She said, "she had her eyes closed listening to music but slightly opened them when [Pop] sat right beside her. She said he took off his jacket, put it on his lap, with his bag over it ... and put his hands through it and started to feel up the side of her breast."

With around 60,000 likes on Instagram, the post has gained much attention from residents of Toronto. Several girls have also come forward in the comment section alleging that they too have experienced similar incidents with Nicolae Pop.

Despite the social media attention, York University has not come forward with an official statement regarding their employment of a sexual predator. The York University Twitter account replied to a screenshot tweet of the original Instagram post saying they are "taking steps to investigate the matter." That is not sufficient.

We, the students, demand action.

We will not stand for an abuser being employed at our place of learning and we demand his termination from the faculty of York University.