York University President Rhonda Lenton Must Resign

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Dr. Rhonda Lenton,

In light of the current labour dispute and governance crisis at York University, and the groundswell  of faculties, departments, and other bodies that have expressed non-confidence in the York University senior administration and Board of Governors,

we, the greater York University community, urge you to immediately resign as President and Vice-Chancellor of York University.

In the 10 months since your appointment as President, your administration:

1) failed to advise and ensure that York’s bargaining team approached the collective bargaining process in good faith and negotiated a fair settlement in a timely manner;

2) precipitated a lack of confidence in York's governance structures by refusing to consult Senate regarding the continuation of classes during the labour disruption;

3) caused collective confusion, anxiety, and chaos by endorsing a poor remediation policy that violates academic integrity;

4) stood idly by as the Board of Governors infringed upon the academic-related rights and responsibilities of the Senate as outlined in the York University Act;

5) divided the broader York community with an inappropriately aggressive tone and uncollegial approach to labour relations and dispute resolution.

We urge you to take accountability for your actions and acknowledge your failure of leadership. Your administration has eroded York University’s principles and values of “academic freedom, social justice, accessible education, and collegial self-governance”, thus jeopardizing the integrity and sullying the reputation of this university. It has unnecessarily prolonged the current labour dispute, which has created a hostile and divisive environment for staff, students, and faculty.

We have no reason to believe that your continued leadership would  allow for our community to recover and move forward from the crisis your administration self-inflicted. On the contrary, it is clear that your continued tenure as President would only serve to further erode the community’s trust, and continue to tarnish the university’s reputation.