Mandatory Critical Race Theory Course for York Students Before Graduating

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York University has one of the most diverse student bodies in the City of Toronto. With more than 50 000 students across it’s campuses, York has the responsibility to educate it’s students on the racial injustice facing our country and the globe.

We ask that York University make a Critical Race Theory (CRT) course a mandatory general education requirement for all students. Critical Race Theory is a theoretical framework that examines racism and dominant power structures within our society. CRT attempts to understand how victims of systemic racism are affected and the measures society can implement to counter prejudice. There are many capable professors who already teach about these theories and would be happy to educate more students on the issues. 

Being against racial injustice is not a political stance it is a human rights stance and we fully expect York University to treat it as such. We demand that increased resources be allocated to the appropriate faculties in order to provide the assistance they need in facilitating these courses.

Join me in petitioning York University to implement these changes to their graduation requirements.