Inadequate delivery of our education

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During these difficult unprecedented times, many educational institutions are still charging us the same amount of tuition that we pay when we use their in-person facilities. On top of that, they are not investing enough money in secure servers for their remote learning websites. There are exams scheduled on these websites and when the time comes to write these exams, the websites crash and students are unable to complete their exams. Not to mention the immeasurable impact on the mental health of students who are already stressed during this exam season, causing more anxiety. We are not receiving an adequate amount of education for the amount of money we are paying, neither do these universities care about investing in proper secure servers to deliver the education. Students have prior commitments and we should not be asked to write these exams again. They tell us to not miss the exams and we make an effort to clear our schedule, so they should make an effort to deliver these exams appropriately and efficiently, so these problems don't occur, especially if we are paying over $10,000 a year for this. I believe that if these institutions can't invest enough money in our education, the least they can do is lower our tuition.