Change of final exam ECON 1010

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Please read this petition against the final ECON1010 exam held April 25th, 2020 for three key reasons. 1)This petition encourages you NOT TO download the proctoring software given by the professor on April 13th as it is a major invasion of privacy. I  along as many others feel as if it is too extreme and don't trust a program with access to major functions of our computer for safety reasons. As well , there are students who's devices don't meet the requirements and have the right to refuse to leave their home to pick ones up. 2) It is unfair considering other sections have written the final exam earlier and without the proctoring service. This has caused me and other much more stress of not being able to take the final and get it done with so we can focus on other courses. I don't see how this is in any way fair towards our section. 3) During a time like this, it seems the economics department is more concerned with making sure we have a proper evaluation for our final than the SAFETY of the students (asking us to come to campus to get computers) and the MENTAL HEALTH of students as well. Given that the test was postponed, It was given there would be changes to the format or what not, But instead of just format changes we were given an ultimatum to download an unreliable proctor software and write the test 2 weeks after the original date which has caused many stresses and hardships. 

THE SOLUTION: please send this petition to as many people you know in ECON 1010 who has yet to take the test. AND... I encourage all of us to NOT download the proctor service on the 13th or 14th. Not only do I not trust having it on my device for a week before but if we don't download and petition against it she will be forced to change it.

Lastly, we must push for an alternative such as test 1, 2 and quizzes being changed to 70% and allowing the final to be optional (just an idea). But this proctor garbage will no stand.

Thanks for reading and please share!