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York Regional Police Constable Dameian Muirhead in Ontario, Canada. Facing charges for "Failure to properly investigate racial taunts against himself."

Support this issue because it's a classic case of Systemic Racism. We have to affect change in a positive way and we have to force the York Regional Police Department to do the right thing. Constable Dameian did his job well in a very hostile, racially charged situation that could have ended very badly while investigating a farm party. The parties involved were drunk and began hurling racial taunts at him and his partner (who is white). At one point someone in the crowd of people said "I would love to see that guy hanging from a tree." Even though complaints were filed against both officers, Constable Dameian Muirhead is the only one being charged by his own Police Department with insubordination, discreditable conduct and neglect of duty. Please google his name and you will be able to get an overview of just how ridiculous and unjust this is; given the facts that has already been revealed to the public during the two court hearings that has already taken place. You can also check out and join the facebook group "Support Constable Dameian Muirhead."

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  • York Regional Police Constable Dameian Muirhead in Ontario, Canada.

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