Arrest and charge the false accuser of Soloman Jaffri

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On March 19th, 2019 an Ontario wide amber alert was issued for a child abduction reported by York Regional Police. The alleged abductee was Jannah Jaffri aged 5, the alleged abductor was her father Soloman Jaffry. The alert was issued because the mother of the child made allegations that the father is not allowed to take Jannah out of the school.

Millions of Ontarians received the alert and were shaken, especially given Riya's death in February after a similar alert. Fears of a similar incident happening ran deep.

As a result of a tip by an Ontario citizen, Soloman Jaffry was arrested by York Regional Police, his daughter was found to be perfectly safe with him. Upon further investigation, York Regional Police determined that no order existed preventing Soloman from having custody of her child and therefore Soloman did not abduct the child. The allegations levied by Solomon's wife were false. Soloman was released from Police custody without any charges.

The allegations made by his wife were false and hurt, Soloman, Jannah, their families along with millions of Ontarians.

While we commend York Regional Police for taking swift action, we, the undersigned, in good faith, as concerned citizens, demand that since the police determined the allegations against Soloman to be false, the false accuser should be charged, her name, age, and picture should be released to the media just like the police did to Soloman.

Additionally, the officers in charge of the investigation should be themselves investigated for not laying charges against the false accuser immediately after it became clear that the allegations were false. Police should not be allowed to act as accessories to a crime.