Free Menstrual Products in YRDSB Highschools

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One-in-seven young women and non-binary people in Canada will miss school because they don't have access to pads and tampons, largely because they cannot bear the financial burden of purchasing their own. Students can often find themselves missing class if they get their periods unexpectedly and need to find a friend who has a pad or tampon, or if they don't have money on them to purchase one. That is something that we absolutely cannot accept. I am currently fundraising money to place bins filled with tampons and pads, in ALL the girls washrooms and change rooms in my school, then try to make it a permanent solution that girls can rely on to the ongoing problem of period poverty.  Currently I am a grade 11 student, and for my culminating project in my Social Justice and Equity Class, I have to create a social justice movement that I am passionate about. YRDSB (York Region District School Board) have not offered free menstrual products to its elementary or high school students, yet this year TDSB (Toronto District School Board) will offer free menstrual hygiene products to students beginning this fall as part of a growing movement to end "period poverty" among young people and break down barriers to education. TDSB joins a growing number of public school boards in the province and throughout Canada that are providing free menstrual products to students. Last spring, British Columbia became the first province to adopt the policy in all of its public schools. Meanwhile, in Ontario, schools boards in Waterloo region and London have also opted to offer free menstrual products to students.