Our Support for Mr. Adel Messiha

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Mr. Adel Messiha has influenced many students throughout his career as a teacher, and is a well respected, hard working teacher. He has built a strong relationship with his students. 

Mr. Messiha was well known for his organization and readiness throughout the school year. His notes were well organized, clear, concise and easy to understand. He provided his students with many learning opportunities, and pushed his students further by rewarding students with "le certificat d'excellence" (the certificate of excellence) every month. He acknowledges his students' work as he puts them as exemplars and uses this strategy to inspire other students towards the same route to success.

Mr. Messiha has impacted us all one way or another as a mentor and a teacher. As he is facing this situation, we would like to show our support to him. We would like to ask those who have continued to support him to sign a petition, indicating how Mr. Messiha has had an impact in our lives to build our skills and who we are today, taking into account his teaching styles or not, and how he has prepared us for high school. Showing support in any means is appreciated!

More info: https://www.change.org/p/york-region-district-school-board-let-mr-messiha-stay-principal-joyce-go