Let’s get YRDSB to postpone prom to a later date.

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, YRDSB has chosen to postpone graduation ceremony’s and cancel prom. Help convince YRDSB that our prom should be postponed to a later date and not cancelled indefinitely. If the school board has the resources to postpone graduation ceremony’s then they should be able to do the same with prom. The class of 2020 has already lost so much, we cannot afford to stay quiet and suffer in silence! Many students have already purchased dresses and suits that costed them hundreds of dollars. If these outfits can not be worn at prom it will devastate students in several ways because that hard-earned money could have been used to purchase essential items. I understand that these extraordinary circumstances will probably push graduation ceremony’s back a couple of months which is why the simple solution to this problem is hosting prom a couple days before the rescheduled graduation day. This will allow students to fulfill their dreams of attending a prom and graduation ceremony. YRDSB should seriously reconsider their decision to cancel prom and choose to postpone it instead.