Save mature trees on York racecourse!

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Ruth Jennaway
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The City of York Council are deciding the fate of the landmark row of mature, poplar trees on the Campleshon Road boundary of York Racecourse next week. York Raceourse has applied to lift the TPO and fell the trees. It’s our last chance to speak up or lose more of York’s green Knavesmire landscape to development.

These impressive trees are home to owls and wildilife, promote better air quality and screen the new Terry’s chocolate works 4-storey flats from the racecourse, and the noise, cars and traffic pollution on the racecourse from local residents. 

They also give a much-needed view of nature to children at Knavesmire Primary School whose outlook of trees was recently blocked by the flats built opposite their playground.

Campleshon Road’s tree-lined character has been massively reduced by the Terry’s site redevelopment - these mature trees are a major landmark, second only to the avenue of trees on Knavesmire Road and to fell them would have a huge impact on the character of the area.

The survey paid for by the racecourse to support its application says that with remedial work and ongoing maintenance the trees do not pose any risk and are not diseased. They were not identified as dangerous when the site for the flats bordering them was surveyed only a few months ago. 

York needs more trees to offset traffic pollution and climate change - not less!

This petition calls for a second opinion on the health of the trees and their contribution to the character of the racecourse area before it is too late.

Please sign now to save our racecourse trees!…