Stop further injustice from occurring and let Timothy George out of jail

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My husband, a former police officer in Baltimore City who has since resigned, has been incarcerated in York County Prison since June 7 on charges of child pornography with someone who lied to him about their age. The "victim" initially claimed to be 19, but ended up being 15 years of age. He added my husband on Facebook (the minor had over 4 Facebook accounts, with untrue ages listed and claimed to go to York College) and that is where they begin conversing. My husband had been seeking love and a new relationship, after he went through a very hard break-up. He was not looking to be with a minor, nor was he looking to have sex with an underage person. In fact, he isn't the one who initiated contact and they never had any physical sexual contact. He is the third individual who has been charged with sexual offenses in relation to this minor, although I do not know the circumstances of the other two individuals. The minor's life has not been impacted at all - he is free to go on with his life and will likely get someone else in trouble with the law again.

We could have taken this to trial and won, but there was a risk of losing due to the nature of the charges and the fact that this occurred in a very conservative area (yes, the lawyer said that being gay could be a problem in court), as well as financial considerations, my husband decided to take a plea deal of six months in jail. If he lost at trial, he could have gotten up to seven years in a state prison. Mistake of age is a really hard defense to win with in court.

One might argue that you can always know when someone is underage, but that is simply not true. I am 22 years old and I still look 15. My husband is now 26 and he also looks to be under the age of 18. In fact, both of us have almost been escorted out of the mall before, because there is a 9 pm curfew and we don't look our age. We've both been a part of the online dating era and asking for an ID is just not something you really do. It's offensive, honestly - he never asked for my ID and I never asked for his. But, the reality is that you need to - online dating is very dangerous and can lead to the exact situation he is now in. You really can't trust anyone, sadly...

Add to this the psychological trauma my spouse endured while on the job and ultimately his diagnosis of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, there is enough research and studies available for one to note emotional detachment, impaired judgement and impulsive behavior played a role in his actions. After all, he was cognitively impaired and you see what alcohol does to one's cognition. The difference here is Timothy is impaired by a mental condition.

If I didn't think my husband was innocent, I would not be standing by him, nor would I be posting this. Shoot, we didn't even meet until after he was charged and yet I still decided to be with him, despite knowing that our lives together would be fairly difficult if the outcome of the situation was not favorable (which it is not). However, I've seen the evidence, text conversations, and everything - and I know he's innocent. I know the true Timothy George and I know that he's not a sexual predator or a child predator.