Bring back Voice Paging to York County PA!

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York County PA, has recently suffered from a 911 Paging outage that lasted a week and a half. Leaving responders to rely on 3rd party commercial paging applications, and manning their stations 24/7 listening to the radio. Alphanumeric paging is problematic, and not the preferred system of first responders in this county. Previously our county had a voice paging system that was more reliable and user friendly. We want to return to a voice paging system! 

Digital text only paging has been proven to be unreliable and unsafe for responders. Texting and driving laws are being enacted all across the nation due to auto accidents from people attempting to read or write a message while driving. However when there is an emergency in York County, fire fighters and EMT's are expected to rely on a text only paging system. 

In years past, Firefighters and EMT's carried a voice pager, that allowed them to hear the call for service, which allowed them to concentrate on driving. Often during an emergency response, updated information comes across the pagers. Whether it be an updated address, a change of call type, possibly upgrading the response to a working Fire, or down grading the response, and/or possibly canceling it. Trying to read these messages while driving is dangerous.  

Several years ago, when then switch was made to digital text paging, the firefighters and EMT's in York County had zero say in this matter.  York County Dept of Emergnecy Services told us this is the new way, and it's coming whether you like it or not. 

After the recent week and a half long digitial paging outage, it's time to make a stand and demand a return to the preferred, safer, and more reliable voice paging. Voice pagers don't just act as a pager, they can also be used to listen to the Main Dispatch channel in the event paging capabilities would go down. 

We as emergency responders want to return to Voice Paging in York County! 

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