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Justice for Tysheem Crocker

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The injustice in Tysheem Crocker's case looked at and a resolution to his wrongful conviction overturned.

     The Quintessential Murderous Act is shooting someone in the head, or attempting to do so. Jurors have no choice but to convict when presented with damning evidence as such.

      Three years ago, and 15 after his conviction, TySheem filed a Post-Conviction Petition with new evidence, raising the issue of Hemphill's affidavit refuting Danny Steele's trial claim that (in 1997) Ty pointed a gun to Hemphill's head and pulled the trigger but the gun jammed.

      Prior to Ty's 1999 trial, the York County DA's office questioned Hemphill and Steele at least twice (SEPARATELY) about the incidents that would lead to Ty's wrongful conviction. And during these meetings, neither Hemphill nor Steele ever mentioned Ty placing a gun to Hemphill's head and face and pulling the trigger.

     At Ty's trial, for the first time, the prosecution presented this COMPLETELY FALSE EVIDENCE. In 2013, Steele recanted his trial testimony, confessing that he was pressured by prosecutors to give the completely false testimony.

     On August 29, 2017, in a court of law, Ty pled and proved that he is entitled to relief and liberty when Hemphill mounted the stand confirming that Steele testified falsely.

      The Commonwealth presented nothing. Now that Hemphill and Steele both agree that Ty never did this, and the Commonwealth knows but continue to propagate injustice, should be troubling to all. August 29th, December 6, 2017, and January 12, 2018, all mark dates the Commonwealth were to reply. THEY HAVEN'T REPLIED.

       This is exactly what injustice looks like. This is exactly why we need criminal justice reform. Sign my petition

 - Justice for TySheem

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