Preserve York County's Rural Character

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                                      ******NO REZONING******

“Preserve Fenton Mill” began when a group of people from neighborhoods surrounding a large plot of land in upper York county along Fenton Mill and Barlow Roads, discovered that a developer had submitted a proposal to the York County Planning Commission to have 376 acres re-zoned. It wasn’t just a simple request to change from Rural Residential to a slightly denser zone, but to change it to a "Planned Mixed-Use Development" - a zoning that would allow for high density residences and 40,000 sq ft of commercial space, plopped right down in the middle of idyllic wide open green space, forests and farmland. This proposal would be the second largest rezoning project in York County's history, with the largest being the Kiln Creek Subdivision.This proposal was submitted without any public notification except placement on a Planning Commission meeting agenda scheduled in May, that had not it been discovered by a concerned neighbor, would have been approved in a "virtual" meeting without public input.

The worst of it wasn’t that the Planning Commission would have approved this without public input, but that they HAVE been doing this all over Upper York County for YEARS. Developer’s have been submitting and getting approval to re-zone rural residential areas to dense planned "mixed use" developments without any concern for uncontrolled population growth and addressing infrastructure improvements needed to support these massive developments. Without regard for their OWN Comprehensive Plan, the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors have allowed uncontrolled development and will continue to do so unless we, the citizens, put our foot down.

By signing this petition, you are telling the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission, you are against the continued rampant over development of our beautiful town and are making your voice heard. Together, we CAN make a difference, helping stop the over development of beautiful historic York County.

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