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Off Campus for All Off Periods

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As a fellow junior attending York Community High school, we as a class have been promised that if we achieve exceptional attendance and overall academic success, we will have the senior privilege to receive off-campus for all off periods.  However, it has been recently announced to all juniors that we will only be able to leave during our assigned lunch period.  As a class, we have been working hard for the past 3 years with limited study halls and overall rigorous courses, in order to enjoy an additional period to have off-campus.  Leaving campus during a study hall can allow the student to use it in any way they deem necessary in order to achieve personal success.  When we were freshmen, we saw the excitement the seniors had while waiting for the day that off-campus ID’s came out, knowing that one day we too will be able to receive that privilege.  We are reminded frequently that you can enjoy this privilege only if you have limited tardies, zero unexcused absences, and have a certain grade in all classes as well as other rules. This is definitely our incentive to do well in school.

It has always been rumored that off-campus will soon be limited or completely abolished, but everyone was sure that they would hear about it well in advance.  The concept can be tough.  From 7:40-3:06 York High school is in charge of you and the actions you make.  With a fourth of the school MIA during a portion of that time is frightening.  Whatever they do off campus is still part of the school's responsibilities.  However, that is the sole reason why there are limitations on who receives this privilege. If you receive harsh punishment from tardies, unexcused absences or behavioral problems, you were told you will lose off-campus privileges for senior year. This ensures that the only students who are admitted off-campus are mature adults who can manage their time and academics.

If York would like to set more limitations regarding off-campus regulations they are free to do so if they see flaws in the withstanding system. It is suggested they could approach this by grandfathering all students currently enrolled with their senior privileges. This allows all students to feel confident that York will keep their promises. Inform the incoming freshman class of 2022 that they will have stricter off-campus regulations. This way all deals can be kept and promises followed through.

As stated before, it is only fair that since us students have put in the effort to be the best we can be here at York by following all the guidelines asked of us, York High School needs to uphold their part of the deal as well.  As a class, we understand that off-campus is a privilege in general and does not have to be granted at all. We appreciate the opportunity of having off-campus in the first place. However, we have been told all our high school career that off-campus is effective for all off periods.  I do believe that I am speaking for the entire junior class, and even underclassman as well.  I am making this petition in order to show the disapproval of the new regulations.

-Developed and written by Michael Regan, Claire Kopec, Katrina Vallort and Liam Parpan (Juniors enrolled in York High School)

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