Lincoln Charter School Program Renewal and Expansion

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We need your help! We need all parents, community stakeholders, and Lincoln Charter School supporters to advocate for the following program additions and approvals that will allow Lincoln to continue and expand the excellent work for the children and families of York County! As you may or may not know Lincoln Charter School has submitted a request to the York City School District to have the ability to create the following program structures:

  • Expansion of our instructional program from grades K-5th to grades Pre-K-8th
  • Allow Lincoln to open up our expansion program in the old New Hope school building located at 459 West King Street one block away from the school, and
  • Approve the school charter for another five years.


How To Sign Our Petition:

  1. Please navigate to the right side of the webpage and fill out all the appropriate information requested.
  2. If you live within York County PA, please edit the address field with your current address.
  3. Once steps 1 and 2 are completed, press the "Sign" button.
  4. Done! Thank you so much for your support!
  5. Please Note: You are not required to pay to sign the petition and or sign any other petitions if you do not want to; if you completed the form and hit "Sign" you have completed the signature to the petition.