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Make home tattooing illegal without minimum experience

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Every year, week and day reputable tattooists are losing business to scratchers. It’s not an old problem, and will never be completely abolished, but due to the rising popularity of tattooing in the media, more and more people are rushing to set up shop at home - with little or no experience. 

In the uk, anyone can apply for a licence to tattoo if they are willing to pay for it. In fact you cannot be denied one. It is only when you go against health and safety and could be a possible danger to a life that it may be reviewed! By which point, it’s too late and irreversible damage is most likely to have already been done. 

Most reputable artists spend years training through gruelling apprenticeships and take huge pride in their craft, for people to set up a home studio in ten minutes with a machine bought for a tenner on eBay and take all their customers for being ‘cheap’ this is a livelihood, and, for many, their only source of income. For someone to take their customers and money and livelihood away and tattoo incorrectly and harm people doesn’t sit well for most. 

As experienced artists we believe that for a licence to be granted to ‘home’ tattooists, that they should have a minimum shop experience, in order for it to be fair to those that have put years and years of work into their craft,as just throwing out licences here there and everywhere is ruining current businesses, and the future of tattooing. It used to be a highly sought after skill, but won’t be in years to come. We must preserve it 


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