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Stop the Implementation of 6th Grade in Yonkers Middle High School

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I'll be clear and blunt, we can not hold 180+ more students in Yonkers High. We already have 1000+ students and our midddle school. 7th and 8th grade create chaos and overcrowding within our school making it hard to do simple things other districts take for granted. It's a hard time to walk down the halls without being late and we can't even use our library which they vandalize. Although we try to push things under the rug this can't be one of them. Furthermore, even our classes are interrupted by the middle school, banging on doors and screaming throughout the halls it's unesscary and unacceptable. This isn't about gpa or how smart someone you are, it's about seeing the obvious and supporting the cause. Yonkers High School is one of the best high schools in New York, give us the same respect and same tools other schools of high prestige get. In Hastings or Dobbs Ferry this problem would cease to exist. I ask you parents teachers and most importantly students support us and allow change to come for not only you but for the eager minds of tomorrow. Giving students a healthy, clean, and calm environment within school along with the essential tools to progress in not only our education by within ourlives, success is more than definite. #yhs

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