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Bring back democracy with Open, Fair and Honest Elections in the city of Elizabeth

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For far to long, True Democracy has been absent from the election process in our dear city of Elizabeth. We have no access for those wanting to seek office and not afforded party line affiliation and almost always, we have candidates running unopposed as there is just no equal access to the ballot outside of party lines. Why is it that in a city of over 50,000 people registered to vote, only about 6000 vote to elect our local government on the average election? These approximate 6000 voters are made up mostly of city employees and their families who are expected to continue to support those they work for with their votes. This is one of the reasons  most of our community don't even bother participating in the election process as candidates are running unopposed and often are in office for decades because there is NO fair election access.

 We the committee for Open,Fair and Honest Elections are seeking to restore Democracy to our community. It is our  dream of “Open, Fair and Honest Elections” for Elizabeth’s Mayor and City Council once and for all! Just like the Elizabeth School Board Elections!

 Elections for Elizabeth government in which “ALL VOTERS” can vote AND have a “CHOICE” from many candidates! Just like the Elizabeth School Board Elections!

We are presenting to Elizabeth voters an opportunity  to “improve their government” by assuring that its officials truly represent a MAJORITY of ALL VOTERS by being elected at “Open, Fair and Honest Elections” that are “COMPETITIVE”offering a “CHOICE” from among multiple candidates.  This is a better system called “DEMOCRACY” and Elizabeth’s voters DESERVE IT!

 By supporting this petition, you will help effectuate REAL change at the ballot. Your support will help us get this public question placed on the November 7th Election Ballot. Join the almost 1000 neighbors in our community who have already signed this petition and help get enough signatures to get this much needed question on the ballot before the voters. Please help spread the word , we need your support.

Canvassers will be going door to door over the next few weeks but to get a head start -Signing this petition is the first step, after which we will contact you directly to arrange a time to meet, we can even come to you at YOUR convenience for you to sign the official petition as the city clerk cannot accept electronic signatures.

Thank you for supporting Open , Honest and Fair Elections.





             This Petition is prepared and executed in accordance with the pertinent provisions of N.J.S.A.

40:69A-1 et seq. P.L. 1950, c. 210 Optional Municipal Charter Law, and N.J.S.A. 40:45-5 et seq.

P.L. 1981, c. 379, amended P.L. 2009, c. 196 Uniform Nonpartisan Election Law.


 Citizens for Open, Fair and Honest Elections


SIMA FARID, Chairwoman                  531 Jefferson Avenue       Elizabeth, NJ 07201

CARLOS TRUJILLO                            116 Fulton Street               Elizabeth, NJ 07206 

PAUL PERREIRA                                   732 Spring Street               Elizabeth, NJ 07201               

ARMANDO Da SILVA                            840 Wyoming Avenue       Elizabeth, NJ 07208   

JOSEPH PADLO                                     503 Green Street                Elizabeth, NJ 07202


To: Yolanda Roberts, City Clerk, City of Elizabeth, New Jersey:


Each signer of this petition certifies that the following statements are true:


1)  I reside in the City of Elizabeth, New Jersey;

2)  I am a qualified voter therein; and

3)  I request that you cause to be printed upon the official General Election Ballot to be held on NOVEMBER 7, 2017, the PUBLIC QUESTION and INTERPRETIVE STATEMENT listed below.  



"Shall the charter of the City of Elizabeth be amended, as permitted under that plan, to provide for the holding of regular nonpartisan municipal elections on the day of the General Election in November, with run-off elections to be held thereafter if a sufficient number of candidates fail to attain a majority of votes, be adopted by the voters of Elizabeth?"



             Optional Municipal Charter Law P.L. 1950, c. 210 N.J.S.A. 40:69A-1 et seq. an

             Uniform Nonpartisan Election Law P.L. 1981, c. 379, amended P.L. 2009, c. 196 N.J.S.A. 40:45-5 et seq.



Approval by the voters of this Public Question will provide for the direct election of the mayor and city council members by all Elizabeth voters on a non-partisan ballot at the November General Election, similar to that of the Elizabeth School Board.


Candidates will have direct access and ballot placement through nominating petitions, by-passing the June political party Primary Election in which candidates and voters are required to declare their political party registration.


In addition, the provision of a run-off election guarantees that those elected must attain a majority of votes cast in order to be deemed elected regardless of how many candidates seek the position.


  © 2017 Citizens for Open, Fair and Honest Elections, Elizabeth, NJ


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