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Paying Rs.100 as rent for prime property is not justified. Change Rent Control Act in UP

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This petition is for Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh as he has the authority to make changes in law. Anyone who owns a property in UP, must read and sign this petition.


  • Tenants in Uttar Pradesh and many other states in India are paying just Rs 50-100 as rent which was fixed some 30-40 years ago whereas the current rent should be at least Rs.30,000/month. As per UP Rent control Act, there is no provision to increase rent to current market standards.
  • If tenant dies, his son/daughter becomes tenant and then their son/daughter. That means owner will never get his property back. There are shops/houses which are with tenants since last 50 years and tenants are not vacating at all.
  • Tenants have bought shops (in relative's name) adjacent to rented shop but still not vacating the rented shop as rent is too less. Tenant earning Rs.80,000  per month from tenanted shop will never think about vacating this shop which he has for just Rs 100/month as rent that too on a prime location.
  • Tenants are illegally demanding money equivalent to cost of shop in order to vacate property. In some cases,tenant wants even more.Example: If cost of property is 20 lakhs, tenant demands 10-12 lakhs in order to vacate it. How can anyone give so much money to get his property back.
  • Supreme court and High court both have instructed UP government several times to change UP Rent Control Act but no action has been taken.
  • Tenant dies and his son is having a private job but still he doesn't vacate shop. He keeps rented property as a place to meet friends in evening and having drinks etc. How is that justified? 
  • If owner wants to sell property,they are not finding any buyers since existing old tenants will never vacate with out taking money. If they find buyer, buyer will pay less than 50% of market value since they also need to pay to tenant in order to vacate.
  • Tenants damages property if they find landlord wants to get rid of them but not ready to pay huge money to them to vacate the property.

Solution :

  • Please make provision to increase rent of shops/houses equal to current market value.
  • If tenant dies, tenancy should end. Property was rented to tenant and not to their entire future generations to come.
  • Owners should have right to have the property vacated if they want their property back irrespective of any reason.Owner should have right o decide what they want to do with their property. It will increase the number of properties in market available for rent.  
  • BJP Central government has already formed "Model tenancy Act 2015". It must be implemented in UP.

I hope you understand this problem in society and will consider the changes in Uttar Pradesh Rent Control Act.

I have written to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (and Akhilesh Yadav earlier)  and also to Prime Minister Office(PMO) twice with complaint number PMOPG/E/2016/0008508 but received no reply from Chief Secretary Jawahar Lal to whom the application was forwarded more than a one year back.

I hope that as a Chief Minister and leader of all residents of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath will take necessary action to change "UP Rent Control Act" which is many decades old and has not been changed at all. Please do what is correct and don't not let us down. There are many people who are suffering from same problem and tenants are just making fun of these people. You have taken so many good decisions after coming to power. Kindly hear us as well.

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