Justice against Land Mafias in UttarPradesh, India

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There's a blatant injustice happening right now in Puranpur, Uttar Pradesh. The weak and extremely poor community of Luniyas are being forced out of their houses where they have been living for more than 70 years by a corrupt Gram Pradhan. They have even managed to get an eviction order from the court and more than 3 lakhs of penalty. They are the people who don't know if they will get to eat the next day, they can not manage that kind of money. According to Supreme court of India if anyone is living on any land for more than 12 years even if illegally the squatter gets the possession of the land. How has the court given them an eviction notice and a penalty if there are no corruption happening in the process? On the other hand the family members of Pradhan have encroached and built permanent houses and are living there with no action what so ever. Why such selective action against the poorest of communities while the strongmen sit pretty on government lands. The Luniyas are a weak community, landless in a place where the only means of earning livelihood is agriculture and all of them are labours, even children old enough to walk to earn their food. Getting enough signatures will force the officials to have a look at this issue, which they know all about but they have been ignoring because of casual brotherhood of corrupts.

Possible solution: Strict immediate action against the Pradhan and dismissal of the penalty and giving the Luniyas alternative place to live or let them live where they are already living.