Stop eviserating members of the Nintendo community

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i've always seen the Nintendo community as a great place with even greater people.  As a regular on YouTube, I enjoy watching Etika's or CND's content because they share the same enthusiasm I have for Nintendo. However, ever since the SPP incident, the term was dubbed to in short exile the people who did bad things to others in the community.  Be it chargebacks or hacking or harassment, the people who do stuff like that get "eviserated".  So, I know what you're thinking, what's wrong with getting rid of all the bad apples in the bunch? Well, nothing.  Scum like this should be punished for what they did.  But there are a few things to take into consideration: 

1. The majority of the people in the Nintendo community are very young, most of them around the ages of 12 and 13.  At this stage of development, a kid's mind can be easily influenced by someone they look up to (be it a Nintendo YouTuber for example).  Meaning if a person they really like says "fuck this guy cuz he took my money" not only their fans say "Yeah, fuck this guy!" But they will also use eviseration on other people too, leading into my next point: 

2. Eviseration promotes the mob mentality.  If you're not sure what that is, a mob mentality is a group of people who agree with the opinion of one person (in this case a YouTuber) and will defend that opinion until the opinion is recognized by everyone as the truth (in this case, until that certain bad apple is thrown away, never to be seen again).  Sure, this is a good way to get people on your side but it's also a good way to get others to follow your practice.  Case in point, my final point.  

3. Eviseration has slowly turned into a form of cyber bullying.  Now let me get one thing clear: I know that when a YouTuber eviserates someone they have good reason, again, take SPP for example.  However the way it's being used now has became almost like a form of haretred.  Most of this hatred is justified by the actions done by the target but the punishment has begun to outweigh the crime.  This is due to the fact that people don't understand what is worthy of eviseration.  There are times where talking out the situation in a peaceful manner in the form of a DM, or other forms of private conversation.  But there are some things that are worth being told to the public that a DM just can't solve.  So now kids are targeting others for either very serious reasons or over silly pieces of drama.  So, I just told you what the problem is and gave you three points on why eviseration is a problem.  But how do we solve it?

Solution: YouTubers that have taken part in the act of eviseration (those who come to mind are but not just included are Triforce, Etika, and Rachel) should make videos that educate their viewers on how problems in the community should be solved.  If this petition gets through, the Nintendo community can become a friendlier place.  Now, this does not include drama, for drama is unavoidable, but it should reduce it.  Anyway, if this "eviseration" thing goes through, then it could have the chance to tear this community apart.  As a long time member of this community, I've seen long time friends become mortal enemies because of the concept of eviseration.  And I'm just sick of it at this point.  So those of you who agree should sign this petition for the sake of the community as a whole.  

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