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Nicki Minaj & Co.: ACKNOWLEDGE your SOCIAL IRRESPONSIBILITY in defacing the legacy and lives of Malcolm X & African people worldwide.

Acknowledge your SOCIAL IRRESPONSIBILITY in defacing the legacy and lives of Malcolm X, the Shabazz Family, the fight towards INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS & for devaluing African and Muslim people worldwide by using X's image as cover art for your single, "Looking Ass N*gga”.

As consumers and stakeholders, it is important that we collectively fight against the defacing, dehumanizing and false imaging and referencing of those who fought for justice, freedom and equality. Misleading images of marginalized groups and/or people are often shared through various medians, institutions and huge corporations by social irresponsible individuals, groups and teams. In addition to using the image of Malcolm X on a song that promotes the contrary of his message, Malcolm's image association with the title, "Lookin' Ass N*gga" is deceiving, disgusting, incorrect and frankly, a smack in the face to not only his work and his life, but the millions of lives lost in the fight towards racial and social equality. Let's hold our artists, publications, corporations, institutions and stakeholders accountable for their decisions to sell and promote images of FALSEHOOD and DECEIT in the name of those who live (and many who have died, and are dying) to combat the ills of those who are marginalized, oppressed and murdered because of the color or their skin, or their spiritual beliefs. This is unaccepatble. Malcolm X and the rest of us are far from N*GGAS/NIGGERS, and quite frankly, we ARE everything but. We are marvelous, beautiful and vital people who are worthy of RESPECT and have contributed a great deal of WEALTH to this society. Acknowledge our HUMAN DIGNITY. Love yourself, celebrate your ancestory in a positive way.

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