Keep the Penn Hills YMCA open

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The YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh announced yesterday that it intends to close the Penn Hills branch of the YMCA at the end of August.  This will be a devastating blow to the children and families in Penn Hills and the surrounding communities.  There are no affordable indoor recreational facilities like the YMCA in the Penn Hills area for our kids to access during non-school hours.  You are taking away a safe, positive environment for children and families to come together and build a strong, supportive community.  You are taking away opportunities for children to learn and grow athletically, socially, and morally.  You are taking away positive role models for our children to interact with in the staff and volunteers at the Y.  Families today are struggling more than ever with finding positive, affordable resources to involve their children in, and you are taking one away from an area that is struggling to support its children.  It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, and you are taking away the center of our village by closing the Penn Hills YMCA. My children and I have been involved in activities at the Penn Hills YMCA since moving here almost 15 years ago.  We all have made friendships and lifelong connections through our YMCA connections.  My boys have positive male role models to look up to and emulate through their involvement in the Penn Hills YMCA and all of its programs. Please reconsider the choice you are making and consider the void that is going to be left in the Penn Hills community with the loss of the YMCA.