Keep our league fees the same!

Keep our league fees the same!

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Started by Cameron Marriam

For as long as I have been a part of these member leagues through the Y, the league fee has always been $25. Well, now, they are trying to DOUBLE the cost of the league fee and making it $50 per person. And that price is on top of our monthly membership cost! The YMCA says that they are a "non-profit" organization. I do not see how they can justify DOUBLING our league fee cost.

I did the math.

A Young Adult membership(age 19-29) right now is $38/Month.

A regular adult membership is $45/Month.

Based on who is in the current league, if you take an average of 6 players per team, and there being 8 teams total between the A and B division, that is roughly $1992 for the month just from our membership cost. Combine that with 48 people total paying their $25 league fee($1200), that's a total of $5184 between two months of memberships and the league fees of $25.

Refs are being paid $40/each per game, so $80 total for refs per game. With 4 games being played a week, that's $320/week for refs. The league is only 6 weeks long plus two rounds of playoff and the second round of playoffs is only two games(A and B division championships). So that's $2400 for refs for the season. This leaves almost $2800 left over. Pay an employee what, $18/hr?, each game being 45-60 total. 4 hours/week for the staff member to run the league. That means your paying an employee $540 for someone to sit there and run the scoreboard all season. Which means your TOTAL cost for this league is $2940. This leaves $2244 left over! So why on earth are we doubling the cost of the league fee?? This makes ZERO sense. 

Based on everything above, if they double the league fee, that will have over $3400 extra. Again, it makes no sense to double the cost of the league fee. 

Sign this petition and we can try to get this fee to stay the same. 

This is a Rec league. its for fun. it shouldn't be costing someone that much money.

11 have signed. Let’s get to 25!